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Get familiar with realm of nautical and sailorship staffing services at our management company.
Our mission is to provide you with the finest talent for private yachts, cruise ships, and commercial vessels. As specialists in maritime staffing, we understand the exacting demands of the industry and the pivotal role that skilled and dedicated crew members play in your success. With a keen focus on timing and quality, we ensure that you have the right candidates at precisely the moment you need them. Embark on a journey with confidence, where excellence is the guiding star. Contact us to discover the exceptional talent that will set your vessel on a course for success.

Private Yachts
Setting Sail with the Finest Crew


In the world of private yachts, your experience hinges on the quality of your crew. At BS Management Monaco, we understand that excellence is the standard. Our Private Yachts division is your gateway to the finest talent. Whether you need a skilled skipper to navigate the seas, an exclusive and talented chef to craft culinary masterpieces, attentive waiters, or gracious hostesses, we are your matchmakers on the high seas. Our dedication to finding the perfect match for your specific needs ensures your voyage is not just a journey but an extraordinary experience. We understand the precise timing and requirements for high-quality candidates, ensuring your private yacht sets sail with the finest crew at the helm.

A Yacht at Sea

Cruise Ships
All Aboard for Excellence


Cruise ships are a world unto themselves, and every detail matters. Our Cruise Ships division is your comprehensive solution for all positions. Whether you seek novices eager for experience or seasoned crew members with a wealth of knowledge, we've got you covered. From mechanics ensuring smooth sailing to navigators charting the course, managers and supervisors overseeing every operation, chefs crafting delectable meals, waiters providing impeccable service, and dedicated cleaners maintaining shipshape cleanliness, we have the right talent for every moment. We recognize the critical need for candidates at various points of your cruise, and we deliver excellence, ensuring your voyage is not just good but extraordinary.

Cruise Ship

Commercial Ships
Navigating Success

Commercial ships are the backbone of global trade, and the crew is the heartbeat of every operation.  Whether you require professional staff with the necessary documents and licenses for your tanker or container cargo ship, we've got your back in all aspects of operations. Our commitment to timely and precise staffing means you get the right personnel when and where you need them most. From deckhands to engineers, navigators to supervisors, we understand the unique demands of commercial shipping, and we ensure that your ship's journey is one of efficiency and success.

Cargo Ship at the Port
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